Advanced Vocal Coaching & Performance Training

Our studio is in sunny Arizona, but we coach students all over the country through virtual meetings. Every advanced vocal coaching session begins with voice training to refine your vocal talent. We make sure you are using correct techniques to protect and strengthen your voice. We cover vocal warm up, breathing properly, vocal range expansion, and voice health. Our vocal coaching sessions also include performance training.

Loop 101 performance training curriculum is broken into Four Facets – Emotionality, Stage Presence, Songwriting, and Image. We rotate through these focus areas to individualize your growth. We recommend weekly coaching sessions so you can do a full rotation through each facet every month.

Advanced Vocal Coaching & Performance Training

Our Four Facets

Emotionality – understanding the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses through energy exchange.

Stage Presence – developing self confidence, charisma and appeal to create connection with an audience.

Songwriting – mastering the craft of composition, structure, lyrics, melody, arrangement and memorable hooks.

Image – defining your unique style and visual brand as an artist, incorporating your personality, aesthetic and vibe.

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