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Our core strength lies in branding excellence, as we wholeheartedly commit to producing captivating films, music, podcasts, websites, and print and digital content. At Loop 101, our mission is to carve a distinctive path for you amidst the clamor of today’s saturated marketing arena. With our expert guidance, your distinctive vision will truly stand out.

Spark & Vision

Loop 101 was started in Glendale, Arizona, by two childhood friends reunited later in life. Each bringing lessons and experiences from two different but complimentary worlds.

Bettijo, designer and writer, and Armanda, musician and stylist, have been friends since they were about 9 years old. In their late teens, the two took separate paths, but reunited in their early 30s and found common interests in faith, art, fashion, design, health and wellness.

A spark ignited when these two childhood friends, Bettijo and Armanda, reunited in their early 30s. Their paths had diverged, however, their shared interests in faith, art, fashion, design, and health and wellness rekindled their friendship and inspired them to start Loop 101.

Together, they merge their lessons and experiences from two different but complementary worlds, uniting their creative energies to make Loop 101 a dynamic and innovative marketing and media company.


Bettijo - Founder & Publisher of Loop 101 Media

Bettijo B. Bridges

Executive Director

With over 20 years of experience in writing, editing and design, Bettijo has worked in the rapidly changing world of web publishing from the beginning. As a serial entrepreneur, Bettijo has worn many hats including graphic designer, photographer, blogger, event planner, product designer, publicist and on-air talent. She is best known for her lifestyle and parenting blog Paging Supermom. Bettijo has been a guest on the Martha Stewart Show and has frequently appeared on local television. Her work has also been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Redbook, Allure, Star, Parents, Family Circle, and Health. Bettijo knows how to bring the WOW! Her unique background and perspective guides the creation of unforgettable consumer experiences. She is a force to be reckoned with, unraveling complex situations and creating effective solutions with clear direction. 

Armanda - Artistic Director for Loop 101 Media

Armanda Dempsey

Creative Director

A singer-songwriter and producer, Armanda has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her diverse vocal abilities and melodic hooks. She has written for a wide span of genres, including folk, pop, hip hop, rock and blues. From performing on stage to behind the scenes support, Armanda understands the ins and outs of the music business. Mentoring young artists has become a passion for Armanda. Her ability to determine and bring out the very best work in an artist, makes her a highly sought-after talent coach and asset in the recording studio. She is an expert collaborator with brands, musicians, directors and producers, bringing a skillful and unique eye for fashion trends and visual art, in addition to her musical attributes. From the first stages of conception, to the delivery of song, Armanda‚Äôs innovative abilities are unmatched.

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